Tips on Taking Care of Your Brazilian Weave

Loving your Brazilian is similar to loving your own hair. Proper care will reflect how your weave will look like. Whether you are a busy mom or a law student, there is no excuse for having matted hair. One thing that we love about Brazilian weave is its longevity. Proper care and maintenance play an important role to get the best from your weave. Thus, here are some tips that you can do to take care of your Brazilian weave.

Tips to take care of your Brazilian weave

The 3 Do’s: Shampoo, Condition and Moisturize

Brazilian weaveLike your natural hair, Brazilian weave extensions need this package. Therefore, you must stay away from products that have sulfates and silicone, as they tend to suffocate and weigh down your weave.

These three steps are important because the Brazilian hair needs all the nutrients and vitamins they can get from these products. After shampooing and conditioning your weave, you also need to moisturize it to prevent tangling and breakage.

The lesser heat, the longer it lasts

The less heat you use, the longer your Brazilian weave extensions will last. Heat damages hair and since weave cannot reconstruct itself like a normal hair, you need to apply heat when necessary. Use the cool setting when blow drying your weave and choose flexi rods to curl it instead of using hair irons. If you need to use hair iron, use ceramic products with a lowest heat possible.

Style with harmful alcohol-free products

Brazilian weaveThere is a common myth that alcohol products can cause your hair to dry. However, there are good types of alcohol products that you can use for your Brazilian weave. You can choose products with fatty alcohol, such as cetyl alcohol that can condition your hair as opposed to drying it. Ethanol is also an organic type of alcohol, while keratin products like the Keratin Smooth Collection from TRESemmé can work well with your Brazilian weave. These are perfect solutions to curl and matted hair.


Sleep tight

Brazilian weaveThe cause of matted and tangled hair is sleeping without a cap. Save yourself a lot of money and brush your hair carefully at night. You can tie it into a knot or curl it up with flexi rods. You can either wrap your head with a scarf or a silk/satin cap.

With these tips, your Brazilian weave can last much longer. Nonetheless, you must re-apply the extensions after six weeks to get them treated and to wash your natural hair as well.


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